Case Study

Manufacturer of Hollow metal doors

Learn how India’s largest commercial hollow door manufacturer uses Capacitor Discharge Projection Welding to build industry’s best doors, most efficiently.


When India’s fastest growing hollow metal door manufacturer set upon the mission to be a market leader, it approached Artech with two of its critical challenges. Bringing about a significant improvement in quality and throughput to unlock the growth and establishing market leadership.

Artech’s Capacitor Discharge Projection Welding technology promised a total change in weld quality and drastic reduction in cycle time, thereby significantly improving the quality and productivity.


With a target to manufacture over 100 doors in a day, Client and Artech’s team, together, started to explore the best solutions. Making multiple manual spot welds on 1 m long sheets, doing various post weld operations such as cleaning, grinding of welded spots was identified as a bottleneck in productivity. The unavoidable black marks on spot welded components hampered the aesthetics.

Artech’s application engineering team developed and suggested a ‘c’ shaped projection to perform Capacitor Discharge Welding. Further, the design enabled doing multiple welds (10+ joins), simultaneously, thereby reducing the cycle time by more than half. Using Capacitor Discharge Welding technology meant clean, distortion free welds thus eliminating the need for all post weld operations.


The resultant benefits included several tangible and intangible advantages. From reducing direct costs of cleaning, labor, power to enhancing product quality through better aesthetics, Artech’s technology helped to earn a big push in Client’s mission to become a market leader.

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