Artech welders

About Artech

Artech is a specialist partner to hundreds of industries using Capacitor Discharge Welding technology. One of the few companies, globally, to develop the Capacitor Discharge Welding technology, Artech comes with proven capabilities to help small and large companies from various industries to take up Capacitor Discharge Welding.

Founded in 1994, Artech was one of the earliest machine tool manufacturers in India to do indigenous development of specialist Capacitor Discharge Welding. What started as a mission to serve the Indian industry’s need for access to specialist technology has taken roots globally.

Today, Artech’s machines are leading the way across several established as well as emerging industries to drive product innovations through better welding technology.

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Why Artech?


Artech brings an unparalleled set of capabilities in CD Welding technology. From design to delivery, Artech has proven capabilities to serve the customer’s needs at every level in switching to better, faster welding.





News & Events

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