70% lesser power.
Runs on Genset.
Welds without black marks.
and there's more...

Artech, founded in 1994, pioneered the Capacitor Discharge welding technology in India and continues to be a market leader since the last 25 years. Over 1500 companies from 16 diverse industries use Artech’s capacitor discharge welding technology to make better products and greater profits. See how it can make difference for you.

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Better welding. Benefits every industry.

  • Nut Welding

  • Sintered Component Welding

  • Fuel Tank Ring

  • Kunckle Bracket Welding

Serving 7 of the top 10 Global Automakers

Artech’s CD Welding technology serves a large variety of applications in the automotive industry, starting from simple nut welding to auto-electrical components.

Leading the way in welding for applications in Semiconductors

Artech understands the special welding needs of the semiconductor industry. With strong, leak-proof welds and excellent aesthetics achieved in Capacitor Discharge welding has led to a greater adaption of Artech’s machines in semiconductor applications.

  • Bracket Welding

  • Metal Door Frame

  • Hinge Reinforcement

  • Stiffener Welding

A trusted partner to the world's top manufacturers

Artech’s CD Projection welding is especially recognised to deliver multiple clean welds, in a single shot. With 50+ installations across the world, Artech is an undisputed leader in the category.

Saving costs in compressors for consumer goods

Compressor manufacturers or parts suppliers are able to save significant costs due to lower power consumption and elimination of post-weld operations.

  • Stud Welding on Pan

  • Pressure Cooker Handle

  • Round Nut Welding

  • stud welding on a stainless steel drinking water glass

    Stud Welding on Glass

A longstanding relationship

With its first client in 1997, Artech enjoys a longstanding relationship with leading domestic and export-oriented kitchenware manufacturers from India.

Specialised, automated welding machines

Artech offers an advanced and automated Capacitor Discharge Welding machine for diamond segment welding of cup wheel and core drill.

  • hinge welding on control panels

    Hinge Welding

  • U type hinge welding on control panels

    U-Type Hinge Welding

  • Stud Welding on Panel

  • Insulation Stud Welding

Superior welding for Control Panels

Artech’s Capacitor Discharge Projection and Stud Welding machines are used to manufacture a range of products including a variety of enclosures, panels, hinges etc.

  • Tube Welding

  • Shock Absorber Welding

  • Stainless Tube Welding

  • Leak Proof Tube Welding

Leak-proof welding made easy

From safety components in automotive shock absorbs to valves in pressure cookers, Artech’s Capacitor Discharge Projection Welding machines are key to ensuring strong and clean leak proof welds for a variety of components.

  • Stainless Steel Impeller

  • Multiple welds for Impellers

  • Stainless Steel Impeller

  • Multiple Impeller Types

Enabling growth for pump industry

With greater productivity and better aesthetics for sheet metal impellers, Artech’s CD Projection welding has been key to the growth of pump industry.

Product Groups

Artech’s range of products includes two broad groups, Capacitor Discharge (CD) Projection Welding Machines and Stud Welding Machines.

Artech’s CD Projection Welding Machines range from 500 to 40,000 wattseconds/joules. In addition to standard models, Artech has developed over 300 tailor-made CD Projection welding Machines to suit the specific needs of various applications.

Artech’s Stud welding technology consists of CD Stud Welding and Drawn Arc Welding Machines.

Capacitor Discharge Projection Welding

Stud Welding

Technology that improves your product.

Current up to 200,000 A. Weld time of less than 10 milliseconds.
70% lesser power. Multiple welds in a single shot.
Consistent current delivery. Requires no water cooling.
No effect on welding quality due to normal voltage fluctuations.

Market Leader

The success in enabling hundreds of companies to successfully switch to Capacitor Discharge technology for their products is a testimony to Artech’s partnering spirit.

Nationwide Support

Artech’s team of Service Engineers is fully geared to provide specialist support for its irreplaceable technology.

News & Events

  • Great Response. Thank You.
    Artech’s stall at Intec 2017 receives great response! This was Artech’s 7th participation at the Intec, south India’s leading expo for engineering industries. Artech’s unique Capacitor Discharge Projection Welding technology is used by several leading companies from automotive to impeller manufacturers. “Our...
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  • Changing the way Coimbatore welds!
    Coimbatore has been a hub for several pump manufacturers, both small and large. With the rising costs in cast impellers, several pump manufacturers started to shift to sheet metal impellers in late 90’s. Artech’s CD Projection welding machines have enabled...
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  • The Art of Excellent Aesthetics
    Hollow Metal Doors, used in diverse industries, are distinguished by one unique characteristics – the clean, spot free finish. A typical hollow metal door may need up to 100 welds in various parts, adding a potential for black mark with...
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