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70% lesser power. Runs on Genset. Welds without black marks. and there's more...

Artech, founded in 1994, pioneered the Capacitor Discharge welding technology in India and continues to be a market leader since the last 25 years. Over 1500 companies from 16 diverse industries use Artech’s capacitor discharge welding technology to make better products and greater profits. See how it can make difference for you.


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Metal Doors

Pumps and Impellers

Compressor Parts

Control Panels


Leak Proof Welding

Product Groups

Artech’s range of products includes two broad groups, Capacitor Discharge (CD) Projection Welding Machines and Stud Welding Machines.

Artech’s CD Projection Welding Machines range from 500 to 40,000 wattseconds/joules. In addition to standard models, Artech has developed over 300 tailor-made CD Projection welding Machines to suit the specific needs of various applications.

Artech’s Stud welding technology consists of CD Stud Welding and Drawn Arc Welding Machines.

Capacitor Discharge Projection Welding

Stud Welding Machines

Drawn Arc Stud Welding

News & Events

Choosing between CD welding and Drawn Arc Stud Welding has been one of the major confusion for years. If you’ve

CD stud welding is a common type of metal joining process. It typically involves placing two pieces of metal together,

Drawn Arc Stud Welding is a widely used type of Stud Welding. It is a welding process that joins base metals

Success Story

Up to 24 joins in a single stroke for Pump Impellers Artech’s Capacitor Discharge welding machines have been instrumental in

Up to 80% Power Savings in welding With conventional welding the three components, to be joined simultaneously, in a seat

Safe, efficient and consistent joins for Knuckle bracket Kuckle bracket is a safety critical component. The manufacturing involves performing multiple

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Starting from assessing suitability of projection welding to proving the component with your end customers, Artech’s Application Engineering team will help you at every step.
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