Welding for Pumps and Impellers

Multiple Welds for Impellers

24 Welds in a single stroke

Impeller Welding for intricate shape

Superior welding for high performance impellers

Artech’s Capacitor Discharge Welding technology has been leading the way, in the shift from Cast Impellers to Sheet Metal Impellers for Pump Manufacturers in India, since early 2000. With greater productivity and better aesthetics for sheet metal impellers, Artech’s CD Projection welding has been key to the growth of pump industry in both domestic as well as export markets. Leading pump manufacturers rely on Artech’s technology to perform welding on impellers and related components.

Why Artech

With over 60+ installations, and presence across every pump manufacturing cluster in India, Artech’s application engineering expertise has been pivotal in driving the pump industry’s shift from cast impellers to sheet metal impellers. Offering excellent aesthetics and multiple welds in one stroke, Artech’s CD Projection welding machines have set a new benchmark in quality and productivity of impellers.

Stainless Steel Impeller

Clean finish and aesthetics for Impellers

Stainless Steel DifFuser

Superior welding for impellers

Starting from optimising impeller designs for better welding to designing intelligent fixtures for faster production, Artech’s application engineering team has an extensive know-how of leveraging the strengths of Capacitor Discharge projection welding machine in manufacturing impellers. Over 75% repeat business and decades of relationship with customers is a testimony to Artech’s success in the pump industry.

Need help to shift to better welding?

Starting from assessing suitability of projection welding to proving the component with your end customers, Artech’s Application Engineering team will help you at every step.
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    News & Event

    • Great Response. Thank You.
      Artech's stall at Intec 2017 receives great response! This was Artech's 7th participation at the Intec, south India's leading expo for engineering industries. Artech's unique Capacitor Discharge Projection Welding technology is used by several leading companies from automotive to impeller...
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    • Changing the way Coimbatore welds!
      Coimbatore has been a hub for several pump manufacturers, both small and large. With the rising costs in cast impellers, several pump manufacturers started to shift to sheet metal impellers in late 90's. Artech's CD Projection welding machines have...
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    • The Art of Excellent Aesthetics
      Hollow Metal Doors, used in diverse industries, are distinguished by one unique characteristics - the clean, spot free finish. A typical hollow metal door may need up to 100 welds in various parts, adding a potential for black mark...
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