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Up to 24 joins in a single stroke for Pump Impellers

Artech’s Capacitor Discharge welding machines have been instrumental in the industry’s shift form Cast Impellers to the one’s manufactured with sheet metals. The shift posed several challenges for Pump and impeller manufacturers, starting from performing multiple welds on relatively thin sheets to ensuring zero distortion in order to keep a perfect balance for the impellers. Spot welding in impellers reduced its flatness and led to off balancing. Impellers also posed handling challenges due to its shape and Jigs.

Artech’s Capacitor Discharge Projection welding machines offered a versatile solution to meet all the needs of impeller manufacturers. The inherent benefits of the Capacitor Discharge technology ensured clean welds without any distortion. Low heat generation during the welding ensured suitability to perform multiple welds on thinner sheets.