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What are the lightweight applications of CD Stud Welding?

CD stud welding is a common type of metal joining process. It typically involves placing two pieces of metal together, heating one piece until it becomes liquid, and then using a tool to help draw out liquid metal. The liquid metal goes through the joint, where it condenses into a mass that solidifies into a permanent bond with the other piece.

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While many people are familiar with the CD welding process, it is very common in many products we use in our day-to-day life. There are many applications of CD stud welding that are often done in small quantities or at low volume requirements. The goal for these types of CD stud welding is typically just to weld and create a bond without spending too much time on it. The main advantages are its high quality and the relatively cheap price when compared to other welding techniques. Let’s check out the various lightweight applications of CD stud welding.


CD stud welding is used in cookware because it is strong and long-lasting with the ability to handle extreme heat and temperature in the kitchen. It is especially useful for attaching handles to pans and pots, lids to pots and pans, and heavy-duty commercial cooking equipment like big pots, pans, etc. It is good for cookware that needs less joint movement.


CD stud welding is a type of fabrication process, actively used in hardware. It produces a light and strong joint. It’s used for brackets, hinges, commercial doors, insulators, and more. This welding method is preferred in the hardware items where the connection must handle some force without breaking apart.

Kitchen Appliances

CD stud welding is one of the most popular methods used by manufacturers to assemble countertop appliances such as microwaves, deep fryers, hot plates, coffee makers, etc. Manufacturers use this method to produce equipment that is safe for human use, cost-efficient, and more efficient overall. As CD Stud welding uses a single stud which means that only one side of the sheet metal gets welded, the other side can be finished off in any way without having to worry about having a poor weld. Hence, it is perfect for small kitchen appliances.


CD welding is often used in jewellery for it is resistant to wear and tear.

CD welding allows high-quality jewellery to be worn as long as an individual needs it. It can also be cleaned without damaging the weld. CD stud welding has been replaced other welding which are better methods for connecting metals, but CD stud welding is still widely used in the making of jewellery because it provides a good quality connection that outlasts frequent use and daily cleanings. This process is not restricted to jewellery only, it is also used in other crafts like jewellery arts, high-quality jewellery.

Electrical Setups

CD stud welding is most commonly used in electrical setups. It provides a strong, reliable connection. It has become heavily relied on in fabricating devices and more due to its ease of use. It provides a strong connection with no backside marking, which makes it an excellent choice for electrical enclosures, circuitry systems, terminals, and more.

Welding is a common practice in the manufacturing industry and it is used to join together metal pieces. With CD stud welding, you can weld the parts within seconds and produce your desired products at a rapid rate. Also, it is one of the most effective lightweight systems for rapid production. For the best CD welding machines choose Artech Welders. Our CD Stud Welding machines are suitable to join small-diameter studs to thin base metals and are trusted by the leading lightweight products manufacturers worldwide. Now is your time to shift to better welding with Artech Welders. Get in touch with our team today!