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Yole to pole welding

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Artech’s CD Welding technology serves a large variety of applications in the automotive industry, starting from simple nut welding to auto-electrical components. Since founding, Artech has been working with top automotive manufacturers in their quest to shift for better, cost-effective and productive welding.

Why Artech

With hundreds of installations & some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers as its clients, Artech’s Capacitor Discharge Welding technology has set a quality benchmark in common applications as well as specialised areas. Significant cost savings in day to day power consumption, superior finish, highest reliability of Artech’s Capacitor Discharge Welding Machines.

Welding for Window Regulator

Oil Filter Top Plate Welding

Welding for Sintered Components

Stabilizer Bar Welding

Yoke to Pole Welding Machine

Equipped with Poka-yoke
– Current monitoring
– Set-down monitor
– Force change
– Part presence sensors
– Rejection bins
– Live data feed

Nut Welding

Round Nut Welding

Shock Absorber Component Welding

Welding of Braided Copper Wire

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Starting from assessing suitability of projection welding to proving the component with your end customers, Artech’s Application Engineering team will help you at every step.
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    Choosing between CD welding and Drawn Arc Stud Welding has been one of the major confusion for years.

    CD stud welding is a common type of metal joining process. It typically involves placing two pieces of

    Drawn Arc Stud Welding is a widely used type of Stud Welding. It is a welding process that joins