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The Art of Excellent Aesthetics

Hollow Metal Doors, used in diverse industries, are distinguished by one unique characteristics - the clean, spot free finish. A typical hollow metal door may need up to 100 welds in various parts, adding a potential for black mark with each weld. Artech's CD Projection welding delivers an excellent aesthetics and are therefore used by [...]

Changing the way Coimbatore welds!

Coimbatore has been a hub for several pump manufacturers, both small and large. With the rising costs in cast impellers, several pump manufacturers started to shift to sheet metal impellers in late 90’s. Artech’s CD Projection welding machines have enabled the welding for several innovative impeller designs. Enabling the shift from cast to sheet metal […]

Great Response. Thank You.

Artech’s stall at Intec 2017 receives great response! This was Artech’s 7th participation at the Intec, south India’s leading expo for engineering industries. Artech’s unique Capacitor Discharge Projection Welding technology is used by several leading companies from automotive to impeller manufacturers. “Our focus at Intec 2017 was to introduce the next-gen machines to the prospective […]