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Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding Machines

Artech offers CD Stud Welding machines that are suitable to join small diameter studs to thin base metals. Capacitor Discharge Stud welding cycle is completed in 2-3 milliseconds on material as thin as 0.02 inch. The small weld times minimizes the amount of heat generated and penetration depth into the parent material making it ideal for welding smaller diameter ferrous non-ferrous studs on thin gauge base metals.

The stud or fastener can be welded on the reverse side of the coated or finished sheet with very little or no discoloration, distortion or burning. Stud welding provides a high-quality joint that is strong and resists loosening or breaking.


The capacitor discharge stud welding operates on the principle of capacitor stored energy. The weld gun and the stud are positioned against the workpiece and energy stored in the bank of capacitors is discharged through a special weld stud pip across the contact. Rapid discharge of energy disintegrates the projection pip on the end of the stud and the gun spring pressure forces the stud into the molten piece, to complete the weld.



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