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Artech’s CD Projection and Stud Welding machines are used across a wide range of industries and applications. Starting from some of the world’s largest companies to small and medium enterprises, Artech’s technology is trusted equally by all.

In several of the industries below, Artech has pioneered and successfully led the shift from conventional welding to Capacitor Discharge welding, to deliver better quality and productivity.


Artech’s CD Welding technology serves a large variety of applications in the automotive industry, starting from simple nut welding to auto-electrical components. Since founding, Artech has been working with top automotive manufacturers in their quest to shift for better, cost-effective and productive welding.


Artech understands the special welding needs of semiconductor industry. With strong, leak proof welds and excellent aesthetics, Capacitor Discharge welding has led to greater adaption of Artech’s machines in semiconductor applications. A majority of Artech’s CD Projection and stud welding machines are used in thyristor manufacturing process.

Metal Doors

Artech has served almost every leading hollow metal door manufacturer since 2008, including some of the world’s top brands. Artech’s CD Projection welding is especially recognised to deliver multiple clean welds, in a single shot. With 50+ installations across the world, Artech is an undisputed leader in the category.

Compressor Parts

Compressor parts typically need studs to be joined on thin metallic plates. Artech’s CD Stud Welding machines have proven to be an ideal choice for these applications, often involving welding of dissimilar metals. Artech offers manual as well as automated Capacitor Discharge stud welding machines for these applications.


With its first client in 1997, Artech enjoys a longstanding relationship with leading domestic and export oriented kitchenware manufacturers from India. Over the last two decades, Artech’s CD Projection welding machines have helped to achieve world-class quality for premium kitchenware manufacturers.

Diamond Segment Welding

Artech offers advanced and automated Capacitor Discharge Welding machines for diamond segment welding of cup wheel and core drill. The machines, designed specially to suit the diamond segment, ensure fast, efficient and quality welding for the products. Artech’s machines are used by industry leaders in both India as well as overseas markets.

Leak Proof Welds

From safety components in automotive shock absorbs to valves in pressure cookers, Artech’s Capacitor Discharge Projection Welding machines are key to ensuring strong and clean leak proof welds for a variety of components. Artech’s CD Welding technology easily helps achieve leak proof welds owning to deformation free welding process.

Pump Impellers

Artech’s CD Welding technology has been leading the way, in the shift from Cast Impellers to Sheet Metal Impellers for Pump Manufacturers in India, since early 2000.With greater productivity and better aesthetics for sheet metal impellers, Artech’s CD Projection welding has been key to the growth of pump industry.

Control Panels

Artech’s Capacitor Discharge Projection and Stud Welding machines are used to manufacture a range of products including a variety of enclosures, panels, hinges etc. Serving both, large and small scale panel manufacturers, Artech has evolved to become a market leader in the segment over the last decade.

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