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Why is the use of Capacitor Discharge Welding on the rise?

When it comes to the rapidly increasing welding type, Capacitor-Discharge (CD) Projection Welding is under the top ten. It is unarguably the fastest form of resistance projection welding. The CD Welding has been in the limelight recently. Various studies and the increased demand for capacitor discharge welding machines indicate a substantial rise in its usage. While CD welding is known to deliver power to the weld parts, there’s a lot more that is elevating the demand for CD welding.

Let’s begin with understanding the reasons for the rise of CD welding in the automobile industry.

The automobile industry of various countries including the U.S. has to maintain the light-weighting to achieve the CAFE standards, along with the need for crash-testing robustness, has promoted the usage of increasing amounts of hot-stamped boron steels. These steels are difficult to weld properly as the achieved weld strength is not always easy to measure, the required welding force is high, and the typically uneven Also coating shortens the electrode life. In such cases, Capacitor Discharge welding has proved to be successful in welding boron steels in both normal and hot-stamped states. It is also effective for fasteners.

The CD welding is a relatively slow storage of energy. The machine required power only to charge the capacitor bank; the power requirement is less as compared to other resistance welding processes. When released, it permits very high currents within milliseconds. The weld time is very short (within 3 to 12 milliseconds). CD welding has been widely adopted by many countries for years. The rate of CD welding adoption is comparatively high in countries where electricity is expensive or the electrical grid is not very reliable. In fact, CD welding is now replacing AC or MDFC current usage in many applications. There are many advantages to the rapid release of energy. CD Welding does not require cooling water as the weld time is short and it does not heat the adjoining metals. It also encourages the long life of electrodes, and benefits such as no bending, annealing, deforming and more.

Just like the automobile industry, the aerospace industry is also actively adopting a form of CD welding in its manufacturing and repair processes. The CD welding form ‘Electric Spark Deposition’ (ESD) is now widely used to maintain compression in combustion chambers, and to repair the turbine engine blade tips. The increased friction contact between the blades and the nacelle is the main concern. Since dissimilar materials are the future of the aerospace industry, CD welding is the ideal choice to perform rapid, welding repeatability with ease. The use of CD welding is only going to increase in the years to come.

In general, CD welding leaves negligible blackening and distortion at weld joints. If the company is looking for excellent aesthetics, CD welding is the right choice. Get no marks on the other side of the weld. Interestingly, if there is any voltage fluctuation during the welding process, it does not have any effect on the weld quality. The CD welding machines by Artech can work on a generator set, giving an uninterrupted welding experience. The CD welding does wonders. when welding similar or dissimilar heat-sensitive parts. It has zero or negligible effects of weld on nearby materials. The installation and operating cost of the CD machine by Artech is very less. It is also considered the most economical form of welding. ‘The more you weld, the more you save’ formula works here the best.

Artech Welders provides the best CD welding machines with fully digital and microcontroller-based settings. It displays all the key operating parameters such as weld voltage, weld delay, etc. The 8x presentable weld programs make m/c setting up easy during a job change. All that a Capacitor Discharge welder needs to do is just change the welding program, and the related weld parameters would be adjusted accordingly. Also, there is password protection in the welding machine to avoid unauthorized changes of parameters. The list of Artech’s CD welding machines is vast. If you want to experience the future of CD welding, now is the best time to order your machine from Artech Welders. Shift to better welding with Artech!