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What is Drawn Arc Stud Welding?

Drawn Arc Stud Welding is a widely used type of Stud Welding. It is a welding process that joins base metals to fasteners very quickly. The application of this welding process is wide. It can be used to weld higher diameter studs and heavy parent material. The studs are welded using either ceramic ferrule or shielding gas. Drawn Arc is said to give uniform high weld quality, maximum weld reliability, and penetration. It permits one-sided, strong welds on base metals with thickness starting at 1.2mm and produces welds in less than 10 seconds. At Artech Welders, we manufacture drawn arc stud welding machines for welding studs from 3mm diameter to 25mm diameter. The welding time can be adjusted from 10 to 2500 milliseconds.

How Does Drawn Arc Stud Welding Works?

When you learn about Drawn Arc Stud Welding, the process might seem more effortless. However, the process involves lots of chemical, electrical, and molecular reactions. All this happens in a few seconds to give quick and robust welds. This process requires a power supply (to create the arc), metal fasteners, stud welding gun, ferrules in some cases.

Drawn Arc Stud Welding Process

In the Drawn Arc Welding process, the stud is loaded into the collet of the welding gun. A ferrule (ceramic shield that contains the molten metal pool) is placed over the end. When a weld is initiated, the gun is placed against the workpiece, and the trigger is pressed, the low DC current flows between the workpiece and stud end. The stud is lifted immediately to draw a pilot arc. As soon as the pilot arc is created, the full welding current starts flowing in an arc and brings the stud-end and workpiece to the molten state. After completion of the arcing time), the solenoid lift mechanism is de-energized. The stud is then pushed under controlled spring pressure into the molten pool of metal. t As the stud and base metal join, the molten metal begins to solidify, creating a strong weld. Once done, the gun is lifted, and the ferrule is discarded.

Advantages of Drawn Arc Stud Welding

  • High-quality welds
  • It does not require additional materials such as flux, inert gas, etc.
  • It can be used to weld slightly oil, scaly materials.
  • It can weld stud of higher diameter from 3mm to 25mm
  • It eliminates complex operation alternatives to welding such as riveting, drilling, punching.
  • With no need for through-hole preparation, the process is done fast.
  • Using machines does not need skilled stud welders; hence, the labor cost is less.

Industrial  Applications Of Drawn Arc Stud Welding

This welding process is widely used in the manufacturing of Transformer tanks, Heat Exchangers, Shipbuilding, Metal Structures, Shear Connector Welding, Automobiles, Heavy Fabrications and more.

Drawn arc stud welding is a highly efficient, quick method of attaching fasteners to the metal. It gives manufacturers a wide scope of designing possibilities. At Artech Welders, we have over 25+ years of experience serving our customers’ needs with the best quality welding machines. Our Drawn Arc Stud Welding Machines are ideal to weld larger diameter studs on heavy parent metal. It has password protection, alpha-numeric text display, protection against machine overloading, flexible adjustments of weld counter, weld time, and more. Artech Welders’ unmatched welding machines’ quality and customization will help you increase your business’ production levels. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for more information and order your welding machines today!

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