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Capacitor-Discharge Projection Welding For Automobile Industry

Capacitor-Discharge (CD) Projection Welding is the fastest form of resistance projection welding. It is an economical alternative to various traditional resistance weldings. As the name suggests, it uses capacitors to deliver power to the weld parts. The transmission of energy takes place within milliseconds. In the process, a bank of capacitors is charged to a pre-set voltage. It is then discharged through a pulse transformer. The machine required power just to charge the capacitors bank; the power requirement is very less as compared to other resistance welding processes. The weld time is very short (mostly 3 to 12 milliseconds). Short weld times forms negligible blackening, heating of welded components.

The features such as low distortion welds, high production speed, ability to weld dissimilar metals, and high carbon material make this form of welding a wise choice, used across a wide range of industry vertices.

Why Do Automobile Industries Use CD Projection Welding?

Capacitor-Discharge (CD) Projection Welding is widely used in Automobile industries. If we talk about the benefits of using CD Projection Welding in automobile manufacturing, a few advantages such as welds without distortion, discoloration, surface deformation are worth taking into consideration. This welding form also maintains mechanical part tolerances. Using CD welding, the welded automobile parts don’t need cleanup or finish, it can be directly assembled and thus saves lots of time and effort. If we talk about welding costs and efficiency, this form of welding is still a winner. It has a low operation cost and requires less power to function. Let’s have a look at more reasons why it is widely used in the automobile industry.

Key Benefits & Applications Of CD Projection Welding

  • CD Projection Welding can be used for a variety of automobile components.
  • It provides consistency in the delivery of the current. This feature makes it a more reliable form of welding.
  • It provides high current delivery in a short time. This feature makes it the fastest form of projection welding.
  • It can be used for welding automobile nuts, bolts, washers etc.
  • It is used for welding on hot stamped parts, hence fulfils specific parts welding requirements.
  • It is used for welding shock absorber components, fuel tanks, leak-proof welds.
  • Welding near heat-sensitive parts is possible with this welding form.
  • As we mentioned earlier, it is best when your goal is power saving.
  • It does not require a water cooling system due to short weld times.

    Artech Advantage

When it comes to Capacitor Discharge welding machines, we are the leaders of the industry, providing excellent welding machines to industries from different verticals. Our CD Projection Welding machines are fully digital and micro-controller based. The comprehensive 8x presettable weld program makes it a more user-friendly and smart welding machine. As you change the program, the parameters get automatically adjusted in the machine to give you an errorless, hassle-free welding experience. Weld Quality Monitoring is possible with our CD welding machines. You can check peak current, RMS current, peak time, and the half peak time for each weld. The facility to set the acceptance band for peak current facilitates quality assurance online. It also has a 4x deep non-volatile fault history with time stamps.

The list of features of Artech’s Capacitor Discharge welding machines is long. If you are interested in our welding machines, now is the best time to get in touch with our experts’ team to place your bulk orders. Our experts will understand your welding requirements and suggest the best welding machines to simplify your manufacturing processes.

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