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What are the Dos and Don’ts for Projection Welding?

Projection Welding is a widely used type of resistance welding. In this type of welding, multiple projections can be welded on the workpiece. These projections can be circular, round dimples, extended corners, rib type, or elongated ridges of weld nuts. The advantages of projection welding include better uniformity and appearance of the weld. Multiple projection welding can be completed in one shot. It leaves minimum weld marks after welding, and it can be used for welding similar and dissimilar metals. These projection welding advantages open up lots of application avenues in an array of industries. Using Projection Welding comes with its dos and don’ts. If your industry actively uses projection welding or has just started using it, this blog is the ultimate guide for showing the right ways of using projection welding.

Dos and Don’ts of Projection Welding

Let’s explore Projection Welding better and check these key parameters, dos, and don’ts to consider when using this form of welding.

Dos Of Projection Welding 

  • Use a machine with the correct capacity. It is a crucial factor to consider.
  • Projection dimensions play a major role in this form of welding. Make sure that all projections are of equal dimensions.
  • Electrodes for welding should be clean and parallel. You can take a carbon impression to check the parallelity of the electrodes.
  • If welding location is important, then the location fixture should be accurate. Make sure that the three-phase supply and air supply for pneumatics should be proper.
  • Force is important in this form of welding. Use perfectly required force for the welding.

Don’ts Of Projection Welding

  • Using a Projection Welding machine on rusty and oily components is risky. Don’t weld.
  • Avoid special or irregular tips when the welding job can be done with a standard straight tip.
  • Don’t use oxidized copper electrodes.
  • Don’t use electrodes that are not perfectly parallel.
  • Don’t use excel force or very less force for welding. Either there will be sparking, or welding will not be proper.

You can call it the dos and don’ts for Projection Welding or the parameter of Projection Welding; the key objective is always to keep parameters such as current, pressure, and time in check and meet the welding specifications. At Artech Welders, we offer the best CD Projection Welding Machines for a wide range of industrial applications. Our CD Welding Machines are fully digital and have a microcontroller. It means when a projection welder uses our machines, they can use various digital settings for operational parameters like weld voltage, weld delay, 8x presettable weld programs, and more. Working with Artech’s welding machines is super easy. You can simply select a welding program, and the machine automatically adjusts all the related weld parameters to give a perfect welding experience.

Our welding machines are designed to work on crucial welding processes that incorporate a great deal of work. For keeping your welding processes secure, the Artech Welding Machines have password protection. It needs a password to approve the changes in the parameters. It is a very beneficial feature in a welding machine to prevent an unauthorized change in the welding parameters and interrupt the welding process.

Artech’s CD Welding machines features such as minimum heating, low power needs, no water cooling, deformation of components, one-stroke multiple projections, and more are the key reasons behind its phenomenal success. When you need top-quality, advanced welding machines, connect to Artech Welders. Now is the time to shift to better welding with Artech. Get in touch with our team to order welding machines that suit your industrial manufacturing requirements to perfection.