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When to replace your stud welding equipment?

Every industry wants to make profits from its money and assets. Most manufacturing industries try to use their welding machines to the fullest. It is no wonder that thousands of manufacturing industries are full of old welding equipment. Many times the industries proudly say that they are using the machine for the last 25-30 years. The fact is that those old welding equipment are costing your industry more than it should, which is not often realised by their teams.

 Stud welding equipment is an important investment. Hence, it is also crucial to maintain it to get the maximum return on investment. The stud welding has a vast history, and most likely your equipment has been around a long time. It is not advisable to use old welding tools even if it is working just fine. Most likely it is increasing your cost of manufacturing which can be significantly less with the modern stud welding equipment available in the market.

Know when to replace your stud welding equipment?

Here are the hints that your stud welding machine equipment has aged. Check out these hints and consider purchasing a new machine right away!

High Repair Costs

Not many manufacturing industries/garages track the maintenance cost of each welding equipment regularly. They often do maintenance and analyse their overall increasing repair costs. This is where they miss out on the opportunity to see which of their equipment are not working up to the mark or adding more maintenance costs than it should. You must ignore replacing such equipment because overhead repair costs may not concern you but sudden breakdowns can hamper your process in long run.

Low Productivity

If your stud welding machine is down two times in just three months and the maintenance cost is high; you need to think about getting a robust and reliable welding machine by Artech Welders. The loss during the downtime and the rising repair costs are something that you cannot adjust within the long run. It will affect your productivity, output target, and always keep you hoping for a smooth day at work.

Increased Safety Issues

When it comes to tedious and risky jobs like welding; safety is a big concern for all the industries using a wide range of welding processes. Be cautious about the safety of your welders. Set strict rules to wear safety gear during stud welding. In case your welders are frequently getting shocks during the welding process, it might be time to repair it. However, if the incidents are occurring frequently, there could be trouble in future. it is best to switch to the safest and modern stud welding machines by Artech Welders. It is a step towards safety that you won’t regret spending money on.

Unavailability Of Spare Parts

As the technology in welding equipment is evolving, the old ones are hard to find. If you are having trouble getting the spare parts for your welding machines, now is the time to switch to an advanced welding machine. We understand your old machine is working fine- all it needs are some change of equipment. Why would your change it? Well, the unavailability of the spare parts is a loud and clear sign that your machine is way too old to be used. Although you may get spare parts by chance, it is not worth investing in it as the run time is already over for such machines and it is more like to hinder your welding processes.

Lacks Portability

Trust us; old welding equipment can be fraught with problems. One big issue is the bulkiness of this equipment. It is challenging for the welders to carry that heavy welding equipment to different places around the workshop. The latest, lightweight stud welding machine will give you a sigh of relief and boost your productivity as the time wasted in carrying the old bulky machine can be now used to complete the welding job. Isn’t it the most settling reason for choosing a new welding machine by Artech? Get in touch with our team to experience the most effortless, portable stud welding machine.

Time for a new stud welding machine

The attachment from old welding equipment that rose your business to success is undeniable. However, we all need to evolve with time and those who adapt to changes early, succeed!  If your manufacturing business experienced any of the signs, it’s time to switch to a reliable, portable, and cost-effective stud welding machine by Artech. Yes, you guessed it right- our application engineering & stud welding machine does the welding job with precision. We have clients from different corners of the world who trust our customization capabilities for stud welding technology. If you need to replace your old machines in bulk with Artech’s machines, do let us know and we will help you switch to better welding soon!

In order to ensure that you get an optimum return from your investment, you should know when it’s time to replace your stud welding equipment.