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Industrial Applications of Projection Welding Machines

Projection Welding is one of the most used types of resistance welding. As the name suggests, Projection Welding is used for welding multiple projections on the workpiece. Highest quality welding, fast process, and with our Projection Welding Machines, everything is just right. If we talk about advantages, proper heat balance can be obtained easily in this welding method. It has a longer electrode life. It is easy to weld some metal parts which cannot be welded by spot welding. Projection Welding gives a better appearance and uniformity of the weld than spot welding. Welding of similar and dissimilar metals is possible. Multiple projections can be welded in one shot; flat electrodes are required for welding, minimum weld marks after welding, etc. All these advantages open up lots of industrial application avenues for Projection Welding. Let’s explore which industries actively use it.

Industrial Applications of Projection Welding Machines

  • Capacitor-Discharge (CD) Projection Welding Machines are ideal for a customer who desires high machine consistency, lower connected load, day today saving in power, and excellent aesthetics after welding (No mark on the other side of the weld).
  • Projection Nut and Bolt Welding such as hex nuts, square nuts, round nuts, tube nuts can be welded using this welding –
  • It is used in Automobile sheet metal components manufacturing.
  • Projection Welding of hot stamping is ideal for CD welding.
  • Projection Welding is actively used to produce Leakproof welds on thin gauge components.
  • It is used for Knuckle bracket welding.
  • Since Projection welding has a lot to do with projections and design, It is one of the most used welding methods for hollow metal door components.
  • It is used in Stainless steel impeller welding.
  • Projection Welding is also used for Hinge welding.
  • CD Projection Welding is used for Premium Kitchenware products such as Cooker Handles and more.
  • Projection Welding Machines are often used in Diamond segment welding on core drills and cup wheels.
  • It is used for welding fabricated stainless steel impellers, parts.
  • It is also used for welding refrigerator condensers, crossed-wire welding grills, and related components.
  • Projection Welding is used for producing semiconductors.
  • This welding process is also used for welding the fan covers.
  • It is also used in Control Panels and cabinets.
  • It is actively used for the manufacturing of Aeronautics components.
  • Projection Welding is used for Nameplate welding.


Industrial applications of Projection Welding are vast. Artech Welders offers the best welding machines across industry verticals. Our Capacitor Discharge (CD) Projection Welding Machines are micro-controller-based and fully digital. A projection welder working on it can make use of digital settings for operation parameters such as weld delay, weld voltage, and more. There are 8x presentable weld programs. All you need is simply change the existing weld program, and all the related weld parameters are automatically adjusted accordingly. We understand that welding processes are crucial and involve a great deal of work responsibility. Our welding machines have password protection for parameters changes. It can help your welding team to prevent an unauthorized change of welding parameters and disturb the process.

Overall, our CD welding machines have features such as low power requirements, no water cooling, minimum heating, blackening and deformation of components, one stroke multiple projections welding, etc. So, Artech’s quality standards and innovative welding machines is a wise choice for your industry. Make a smart move and shift to better welding with Artech!

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