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16 Aug 2021
projection welding

What are the Dos and Don’ts for Projection Welding?

Projection Welding is a widely used type of resistance welding. In this type of welding, multiple projections can be welded on the workpiece. These projections can be circular, round dimples, extended corners, rib type, or elongated ridges of weld nuts. The advantages of projection welding include better uniformity and appearance of the weld. Multiple projection […]

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12 Aug 2021
projection welding machine

Capacitor-Discharge Projection Welding For Automobile Industry

Capacitor-Discharge (CD) Projection Welding is the fastest form of resistance projection welding. It is an economical alternative to various traditional resistance weldings. As the name suggests, it uses capacitors to deliver power to the weld parts. The transmission of energy takes place within milliseconds.  In the process, a bank of capacitors is charged to a […]

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25 May 2021
projection welding machines

Industrial Applications of Projection Welding Machines

Projection Welding is one of the most used types of resistance welding. As the name suggests, Projection Welding is used for welding multiple projections on the workpiece. Highest quality welding, fast process, and with our Projection Welding Machines, everything is just right. If we talk about advantages, proper heat balance can be obtained easily in […]

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